Music Marketing Using Social Media
Growing Your Fan Base
Helping to Generate the
Buzz You Need
Creating Visibility &
Brand Awareness

If you have been living in a cave, and haven’t heard yet, professional social media design, marketing, and promotion is a crucial element of all the promotional efforts for your music and entertainment career. It’s only one part, but a huge part. We understand this.

We have assembled a full network of social media marketers; all schooled in marketing social media for the music and entertainment industry. One or two of these individuals will be assigned exclusively to your project.

What Do We Do for Your Social Media
  • Posting on your social platforms including reviews and interviews.
  • Engagement with fans to build a strong social following.
  • Track certain media to respond to comments, messages and posts.
  • Connect with fan pages, music groups and users to promote increased visibility.
  • Design and develop your Facebook and Twitter presence if you don’t have one yet
What will the result be?
  • Create visibility, awareness and brand loyalty
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Engage your fans and followers
  • Connect with fans and other brands
  • Help generate the buzz you need
  • Enhance industry relationships
  • Increase CD and Merch Revenue

Increased Facebooks Likes, Twitter followers, and Youtube views, are all part of social media marketing (SMM). Not only does our network of social media marketers increase your likes, followers, and views, they employ many other creative and innovative social media marketing techniques to brand you and your project in the digital music and arts & entertainment world.