Upon engagement, company will use their best EFFORTS and perform an indie music public relations, marketing, and consulting campaign for Client, utilizing initiatives outlined on a non-exclusive basis. Client understands that a PR campaign for an independent artist , unknown artist, or independent record label is an effort driven process, as Ken Cavalier, and his associates, Allure Media Entertainment Group, or any Public Relations and marketing company, cannot guarantee specific placement or reviews in mediums, such as magazines, newspapers, TV, web content, etc. Company will, however, put forth its best effort and utilize its media relationships to obtain the best possible creative placements for client and consult on all aspects of artist’s career. Client further understands that the music media is inundated with pitches and media inquiries for reviews, Interviews and features and it may take a length of time for media response to begin coming in.

Due to the highly competitive nature of the music and entertainment business, there are no guarantees or warranties provided that your career will be accelerated to the next level, your product sales will increase, or you will be successful in the music and entertainment business as a result of services provided by Ken Cavalier, Allure Media Entertainment Group,third party service providers, or his associates, and affiliates.Our website may contain third-party outgoing links; We will not be responsible for the products, promises or guarantees of third-party providers utilized via outgoing links.

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