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Cinematic Psych-Rock Act The Corridors from Louisville, KY Set to
Release their One-of a Kind Self-Titled Debut EP on Viziarmonic Records

 “The Corridors went from being a small side project to the next big cinematic-psych rock producer.  This innovative uncommon album breathes new life into the ears of Cinematic Psychedelic music lovers.  It will be available for pre-order on March 20th and officially released on April 18th”.

For Immediate Release

March 20, 2017 [Louisville, KY]Whether you want to ride a rollercoaster through black-holes in space, cruise down a dusty desert road in a vintage automobile, or soak up nostalgia on an overcast shore, The Corridors sound and their new self-titled album will take you there and a lot further.

The Corridors began when American songwriter Jason Wagers started a music recording and art project during the summer of 2016 in Louisville, Kentucky. In the midst of leaving his previous band “Big Spoon”Jason cultivated The Corridors sound and style with the idea that his music could be a “corridor” for the audience, leading them through disparate visual realms  with the sound of his sui generis Cinematic-Psych-Rock music.

The project launched with the creation of a brand new original self- titled album.  The music focuses heavily on cinematic elements and eclectic scenarios brought to life with groovy bass riffing and bluesy, monumental guitar licks.  The intelligent blend of styles sometimes comes across as a collision of The Rolling Stones and The Mars Volta.  Although a seemingly unlikely affiliation of styles, it definitely works. Fans of The Stones, the Doors, The Strokes, The Mars Volta, Black Sabbath, Allah-Las and the Brian Jonestown Massacre all agree thatthe blend of influences in this colossal record is truly the epitome of opulence with its sumptuous instrumentation and luscious cinematic Jim Morrison-like vocals.  The production is unlike any other that can be heard in today’s indie music scene.

The Corridors consist of one member and one member only – Jason Wagers. Exhausted with playing under-payed bar gigs around Louisville, Kentucky, Jason decided to expand on his ideas of writing, recording, mixing, mastering & producing.  He began writing & recording in his top floor apartment in downtown Louisville.  The writing and recording process lasted from May 2016 until January 2017, when hebegan mixing and mastering all of the tracks on the album.

Jason also started creating the sketch-like animated artwork for every individual song he wanted on the CD – providing more depth for the listener.  The artwork for the singles typically resembles the old Hannah-Barbera cartoons from the 60’s, with a sometime violent, big screen twist.

The album artwork however, is a real film photograph done by Jaime Barboza(@officialcatch/Instagram) of Winchester, Kentucky. The album artwork’s aesthetic gives off a 60’s “cops n’ robbers” kind of vibe, while portraying an integrated shot of normality and surrealism. It includes Jason Wagers (front/center cover) eating a bowl of cereal in a vibrant red and white striped shirt as he is visited by two businessmen with guns and ski masks. Are they in his head?Are they real? We don’t really know, but because Jason’s red & white shirt is the only part of the shot with color while the rest remains black & white, the cover draws attention.

The ingenious art on the singles and the album are intriguing and generate extensive curiosity as to exactly what’s on Jason’s mind.

This past February of 2017 he culminated what he considers to be one of his biggest dreams, and has shifted focus towards the release.  Two singles “GHOUL” and “SYSTM” will be officially released digitally on March 20th, and were available for pre-order on March 13 (via. Bandcamp, itunes, Spotify, Rhapsody and more). The album will be officially released digitally on April 18th, and will be available for pre-order on March 20th (via. Bandcamp, iTunes,Spotify, Rhapsody & more). Currently, Jason is focused on releasing the singles & album digitally.  Physical copies of the CD will be available soon.  This will be made possible through a crowdfunding campaign on a platform called IndieGoGo.  There, he will hopefully raise the money to release the album physically, whilst giving donators music and exclusive merchandise in return.  If you are intrigued by this new album, you can assist Jason with his physical CD release by donating to the cause.  https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-jason-wagers-distribute-his-first-album#/

This album is the product of a determined, musical youth with an engaging imagination and unique trail of images to share with the world. Jason’s fans and followers are getting anxious, now that the pre-order release is upon us, and are excited to witness his launch into the success of his future music career.

Viziarmonic Records is extremely proud to release this stellar new cinematic album and has high hopes for its success.   It’s been a long-time coming, and should be a part of every music lover’s library.  You can follow The Corridors at www.thecorridorsband.com where you can join the mailing list for exclusive releases, studio updates, merchandise deals and the latest cinematic-psych news.

To pre-order the album, head over to www.high5itsthecorridors.bandcamp.com.

The singles “Ghoul” and “Systm” are available on March 20th on iTunes.

Track ListingAll songs ©2017 Jason Wagers pka The Corridors and Viziarmonic Records –  BMI

  1. GHOUL
  2. Drive to You
  3. Edge of the World
  4. SYSTM
  5. Granny, Put Down the Gamma Ray
  6. Elixir Divine
  7. Welcome Home…

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