Website Design & Marketing

Artist Digital Branding

One of things I emphasize with my artists and labels that are looking for PR and continued awareness is a highly professional website and social site network. I cannot emphasize enough how vital this is when we are putting you out there in a highly competitive indie music environment. All of your online properties must be at the highest degree of professionalism in order to compete with the thousands out there. So essentially what I am saying is, no wix sites, no godaddy sites, no hostbaby sites, no bandzoogle sites, or any wysiwyg wizard site creation tools.

No official website and professional social network at all, is suicide.

Your official website and social sites must rival celebrity sites – even though you are independent, if you want to be taken seriously. New media is one of the primary media types where we will develop and promote your digital brand and elevate your awareness factor. So this is crucial.

As part of your campaign and engagement with us, we will seriously remove any pain or thought involved with putting together your online presence. We will consult with you or your web designer on exactly what needs to be done for your Internet presence needs. To further totally remove any pain associated in developing your websites, our network of professional web designers, all of whom have years of experience in developing entertainment and music-related websites can facilitate the entire process for you; all with your input so you are receiving a look that you really like and with all the functionality necessary to make your website the most effective marketing tool possible so that we can properly and professionally facilitate your publicity and promotions. You absolutely need to take your career web presence very seriously.

Music Licensing & Music Video Marketing

Film, TV, Commercial Ads, Video Games, etc. can be a terrific way to break into and through in the music and entertainment industry. Getting your songs exposed and premiere in this kind of media environment is huge and has actually made the careers of many independent artists. The possibility of having your music licensed to an indie film house, music library, publisher, or even a major media enterprise such as Sony or Warner Bros. is always a possibility and can be the difference between a successful music career and sitting idle. This is not guaranteed of course but we put on a serious pitch.

This is a major added value feature provided by us in your standard indie-music PR campaign. Our rolodex of music media journalists not only includes some of the best media where we pitch your music for reviews, features, and interviews, but also include music supervisors, music libraries and publishers who are always looking for that perfect song for a movie, TV, or AD. As an added extra, we pitch a selected song or two to these media entities in search of a music licensing deal.

A partial sampling of what we do in regards to digital branding, awareness, and licensing follows:

Submit, pitch and follow up – Selected song to Film & TV music supervisors for possible licensing opportunities.

  • Submit selected or official music video to selected music video network; i.e. Fuse, AOL, MTV, VH1, BET, Music Choice, Much Music, CMT, Local cable networks, etc. …. Follow up and pitch. Market selected video.

Consult on online property design, marketing, branding, and viral marketing initiatives – official website and social website networks