Based in Philadelphia, the city of Brotherly Love, and with a field office in downtown New York City, Ken is a hard-working and diligent music publicist, marketing consultant, and creative music writer. Spinning off his agency from a few larger more involved companies, Ken formed this new more compact agency-boutique in order to provide customized and more personalized service tor his celebrity and independent clients.

“Fewer Clients Means More
Emphasis and Focus on Your Project”

When you need assistance, or want updates, you won’t have to jump through hoops. Ken and his staff make themselves available to clients on a daily basis.

Ken Cavalier’ and his associated marketing firm have been in the business of high-profile public relations, artist management, creative press writing, and media relations for over 30 years. He engages a network of entertainment industry professionals, along with his staff, to facilitate successful music publicity, creative placements, and entertainment media campaigns for his clients.

Ken is a member of many distinguished music related organizations. As a member of the Recording Academy (N.A.R.A.S), he routinely rubs noses with the cream of the crop in the music industry. His connections are vast and have been accumulated over many years of activity in the music business. If he can’t get you to the right people – nobody can.

Armed with great expertise and experience, along with a never-ending digital rolodex, chock-full of influential music industry and music media contacts, Ken, his staff, with his network associates generate high-profile music media and provocative press attention, with the added advantage of establishing a solid artist brand; one that will be extremely memorable, while at the same time building a vast, ever-expanding fan-base and generating solid product sales. He and his staff specialize in creative placement and unique innovative PR solutions for each client – all of which are all customized to the particular client’s level of development, genre, and exposure. Simply put; while maintaining affordability for his indie artists on a budget, the agency launches a number of innovative and extremely effective PR, marketing and social media campaigns in a variety of music media.

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Writer / Author

Ken has also authored hundreds of indie music related articles geared to assisting the DIY-Indie artist, and has spoken on many – music related panels, and at lectures at music conferences nationally.

He has also served as the staff publicist for Ivory Productions, Flexitone Records, and Grammy™ nominated producer David Ivory (Halestorm, Eryka Badu, The Roots, Silvertide, Patti LaBelle).

A Little More History

Back in seventies, Ken’s band was first signed to Warner Bros. then later to ABC/Paramount Records.

After a successful recording and touring career,where he formed many influential music industry relationships over those exciting years he made the decision to go into the business of PR and management for indie and celebrity artists.

With a thorough understanding of the struggle indie musicians, start-up indie labels, and even more advanced artists were facing, he moved on to establish Allure Artist Management & PR, dedicating his services and expertise to advancing the careers of indie, established, celebrity artists, and the success of independent record labels. As an artist manager and publicist, he was actively involved in the music publicity and entertainment industry. Over those years, AMEG formed an enormous amount of media and entertainment industry relationships which enables him and his staff to deliver extremely successful PR campaigns and results for our clients.

Ken and his staff currently work with artists, entertainers and indie labels in most genres, at every level of development in the music, and entertainment, industry. From star and icon musicians and entertainers to emerging independent musicians, bands and labels at the grassroots and beginning level of development, he can work with you and tailor a campaign and cost effective budget to launch a successful entertainment publicity campaign and guide you on the way to a successful career.  He also consultants with DIY and independent artists at a beginning to intermediate level of development on the steps to take to facilitate their own successful independent music publicity and marketing campaign for those on a shoestring budget within reason.

My greatest pride is the personalized offering – As your PR firm, your personal music publicist, I will be at your disposal – rarely can you contact your personal publicist and get an immediate response. We will consult with you at every level of your industry.

My Philosophy

“Exceed Our Client’s
Expectations at Every Turn
an Unprecedented
Personal and Innovative

I HAVE ALWAYS BELIEVED …………….“You Can Get Everything in Life you want if you Help Other People Get What They Want.  This process has worked for me repeatedly throughout my life and career.  I’m a Firm Believer that Dreams do Come True.  It’s my Goal to Help Make Yours Come True”.

My honesty and integrity has never been questioned. I am certain that you, as a client, will not feel the need to question it either. I have been in the music business for over 30 years – serving my clients career needs with complete honesty and integrity.

Dependable:(Guaranteed Responsiveness)Always Available: If you want the typical publicist that signs you on but then is rarely available to take your calls or discuss your concerns then you better keep searching. If you’re tired of music industry promotion firms and individuals not doing what they say they are going to do; you’re not alone. You will find out early-on that we mean what we say –and do what we say.  We won’t leave you out in the cold.

Hard Working and Persistent: Not to overuse a much used and worn out old phrase but they do in fact say“The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Oil”.Ken and his staff is that perpetual squeaky wheel when it comes to interacting with the media and industry on your behalf.

Why Choose Us

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“I’m thrilled to be working with Ken and Allure Media Entertainment. He has facilitated multiple reviews and interviews. His work has me all over Google. I definitely made the right choice”Jiggley Jones – (Alt. Country/Americana Artist)
“Ken gave us the personal touch and was always available when we needed him. He personally represented us at important shows and record label auditions. He is also a good friend.”Adam Burke – Maddam Ink (Rock Band)
“I’ve been working with Ken for over 15 years on a ton of projects and we have partnered on many different artists. His publicity and media work is impeccable. I wouldn’t use anyone else”.Simon Rosen, Esq. – (Music Attorney to the Stars and Indies)