A traditional Indie Music Publicity Campaign, if done correctly, can do a lot to boost your career and new record release. Some of the initiatives your indie music publicist may employ on your behalf include but are not necessarily limited to CD submissions to their media relationships soliciting reviews, features, and interviews. A good music publicity company will also write and distribute press releases announcing the new CD release with some details about it. The publicist will then distribute the music press release to various media outlets for publication. In some situations, if the artist is looking for national exposure your publicist may recommend distributing the press release via a national wire distribution service. This can generate national awareness for your project if the press release is properly targeted to the correct music journalists and media outlets.

Depending upon the level of service you choose to engage with your music publicist, he or she may also personally represent you to the media – Scheduling and organizing media appearances, interviews and so on. This is usually not part of a standard music publicity campaign, but can be a part of it if your particular publicist engages in this element of music promotion.

PR tour support is another way that your publicist can help promote your career. If the publicity firm does tour pr support this can be helpful but is generally a separate part of most publicity campaigns. Usually this may be reserved for higher profile, better known artists. Essentially your music publicist will engage in advance tour support which can consist of a variety of things from writing and distributing press releases in the venue related city in which you will be performing in, to outreach advertising placement, all the way up to physically advancing the show with an in-person visit to the city and venue.

Overall, your publicist’s job is to gain meaningful media coverage and represent you to the media in the promotion of you as an artist and your record releases. Again, an effective music publicity firm can do wonders for your career if everything is done strategically and carefully. Hiring a good publicist can be tricky. Your best bet is to thoroughly interview them up-front making certain that all of your questions and concerns are adequately addressed. A publicist fees can vary depending on the level by which they represent you and the cost of a standard campaign is usually paid upfront or in two payments. A publicist who basically signs on for the long haul and represents you in all cases is usually put on a monthly retainer.

Just make sure to do your due-diligence when hiring a publicist then sit back – create the music, and hopefully watch your career skyrocket.

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