Trying to make it as an Indie Band or Indie Artist in the music business today can be a daunting task. The sea of competition in the independent music realm is overwhelming and you basically need every competitive edge you can muster.

Staying on top of your music marketing and promotion initiatives is your first step. So how do you do this? Well for starters, you must learn everything you can, especially if you are doing all the marketing and promotion yourself. An educated independent artist is a successful artist.

There are many Do-It Yourself Indie Music survival guides available that will teach you the music marketing and music promotion strategies that you should employ. Once again, if you are doing it all, you should take advantage of every piece of advice you can get. Staying ahead of the competition is a key factor, and you can only do that by doing it better than the other guy.

One way to do this, other than educating yourself is to get some professional guidance and direction from a music manager or consultant. In the early stages of your music career it will be exceeding difficult to attract a high-powered artist manager mainly because music managers with a degree of creditability and juice that can actually get things done are only looking to sign artists to roster management that can actually generate income. Artist managers are in business to make money like any other business. As a developing artist, it is unlikely that in the beginning, you will be making any substantial income.

So, all this being said, you can do a couple things. Be a DIY artist and work hard. Learn all you can about the marketing, promotion, and publicity end of getting your music career on track. Or, you can seek some help and guidance. An Independent Artist coach or consultant may be the way to go. They can advise you on every aspect of music promotion, marketing, and music publicity. They can literally walk you through every step of artist development and show you the ropes, or in some cases they can do it all for you.

By engaging the assistance of an Indie Music Coach, or Music Business Consultant, it will enable you to build the solid foundation you need to really start getting your music career on track, ultimately creating awareness for your project and eventually enabling you to attract the attention of a heavy duty roster based artist management company or record label. All this will, of course, help greatly in raising your independent music career to the next level. The music business is a tough industry. Don’t be afraid to admit that you may need some help and guidance. Do whatever you have to do to rise above the crowd. Good Luck!

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