Ken Cavalier’ and his associated marketing firm, Allure Media Entertainment Group have been in the business of high-profile public relations, artist management, creative press writing, and media relations for over 30 years. He engages a network of entertainment industry professionals, along with his staff, to facilitate successful music publicity, creative placements, and entertainment media campaigns for his clients.

Armed with great expertise and experience, along with a never-ending digital rolodex, chock-full of influential music industry and music media contacts, the Allure Group generates high-profile music media and provocative press attention.

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The added advantage is a solid artist brand; one that will be extremely memorable, while at the same time building a vast, ever-expanding fan-base and generating solid product sales. Ken and his group specialize in creative placement and unique innovative PR solutions for each client – all of which are all customized to the particular client’s level of development, genre, and exposure.

Simply Put; While maintaining affordability for his indie artists on a budget, the agency launches a number of innovative and extremely effective PR, marketing and social media campaigns in a variety of music media.

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So You’ve Finished Your New Record…

You’re Ready to Release It…


Well, you’d better think about it seriously.  Your music is your passion – your dream.  If you want to stand a fighting chance in the extremely crowded music environment that’s out there in today’s indie music market, you must market and promote your music diligently.  Simply uploading the new album or single through Tunecore, iTunes, CDbaby, and other distribution portals without coinciding release with publicity and marketing prior to going to distribution, is more than likely a waste of time.

So, Now You Really Don’t Know Where to Start

You’ve reached out to the music media and they don’t seem to want to listen.  They won’t review your CD, offer you an interview, or they just plain don’t care.  This is pretty typical behavior from extremely busy music media, blogs, or music publications.  Getting attention for a relatively unknown artist is almost impossible – Almost – if you are trying to do it yourself.  This can be frustrating because you truly believe in your music, and you believe that once it’s out there and people can hear it, that you will have a good chance to succeed.

Yes, it’s possible to gain some degree of exposure and attention as a DIY Music Marketer.  I’ve personally known bands and solo artists who have achieved relative success doing it on their own. But you had better be prepared to dedicate your life to it, and do nothing else.  This can be difficult.  Especially if you have to tour or make some sort of living at a day job while you wait for success to bestow you.    The time and effort it takes to do this is enormous.  The other big issue, and probably the most significant problem, as I said earlier, is that nobody will listen because they don’t know you or have not heard about you or your music.  If it’s a label deal you’re looking for – without an established buzz, you can forget that.


If you’re an unknown indie artist, there is really only one way to create the awareness and attention you need to get your music out there.  It’s with professional help from an established publicist, marketer, and promoter.  One who knows the business and the important players in it who can make things happen.   An experienced, well connected publicist will get you the reviews, interviews, and press you need to bring the attention to your music, and help put it on the radar.  A publicist who has dealt with the music media, and knows the drill can mean an enormous boost to your career and it can be the difference between success and failure.

You’ve no doubt spent good money on recording your music and everything else that goes with facilitating your CD or single; now is not the time to hold back.  Professionally marketing your wares is probably the most important thing you need to have done in order to achieve success with your music and career.

My name is Ken Cavalier.  I have been involved in the music business for over 30 years as an artist, manager, publicist and indie music consultant.  I can help. I can personally guarantee that I will get you reviews of your music, interviews, and music media press.  Peruse my website, services, and my media reach and affiliations.

Contact me directly either by phone or email and we can discuss your project, and talk about how I can make it happen for you.

Dreams Do Come True!

Onward & Upward!  And Always Remember ……….

“Without Publicity & Marketing a

Terrible Thing Happens — NOTHING”!

As a voting member of the Recording Academy, if warranted, I have the ability to nominate artists for a Grammy Award. Even if you’re an independent artist.

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What our clients are saying about us…
“I’m thrilled to be working with Ken and Allure Media Entertainment. He has facilitated multiple reviews and interviews. His work has me all over Google. I definitely made the right choice”Jiggley Jones – (Alt. Country/Americana Artist)
“Ken gave us the personal touch and was always available when we needed him. He personally represented us at important shows and record label auditions. He is also a good friend.”Adam Burke – Maddam Ink (Rock Band)
“I’ve been working with Ken for over 15 years on a ton of projects and we have partnered on many different artists. His publicity and media work is impeccable. I wouldn’t use anyone else”.Simon Rosen, Esq. – (Music Attorney to the Stars and Indies)
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