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Every Artist or Indie Record Label can be a little bit different, and have stronger needs in certain areas. We take the time to develop customized campaigns,and terms for representation, based upon your particular level of development and on the areas requiring the most attention. We have been promoting musicians and entertainers for over 30 years. Our music media rolodex and reach is vast. We believe that personalization, along with customization, is crucial; unlike most other “so-called” anonymous “wanna-be” publicists that are sprouting up all over the Internet. Please be careful out there. With us, you have over 30 years of experience, and you can communicate daily with a real person / your real publicist. We’ll consult and assist you on every aspect of your music and entertainment career.


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Ken Cavalier (Founder of Allure Media Entertainment) is a member of a number of distinguished entertainment music related organizations and has been an active voting member of NARRAS – The Recording Academy www.grammy.com among many others. He has also authored hundreds of indie music related articles geared to assisting the DIY-Indie artist, and has spoken on many – music related panels, and at lectures at music conferences nationally. He has also served as the staff publicist for Ivory Productions, and Grammy™ nominated producer David Ivory (Halestorm, Eryka Badu, The Roots, Silvertide, Patti LaBelle).

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